Low-cost private schools are burgeoning across the developing world, where typically they outperform public schools. But quality can be improved further, which is why I’ve helped launch several chains. These have invested in curriculum, assessment and teacher training, and looked for economies of scale. I’m also proud of my work with self-help associations of low-cost private schools. These engage in raising quality of educational provision too, as well as ensuring that governments know the positive contribution low-cost private education is making. Finally, I’m also involved in bringing the low-cost private education model to England too.


Independent Grammar School: Durham, UK

This is the first of a potential chain of low-cost private schools set up in the north-east of England. I am the chairman of the board, the co-founder, and an investor.


Omega School Franchise Ltd, Ghana

This is a chain of low-cost private schools I co-founded in 2008, which grew to 38 schools and 20,000 children in just four years. Until 2019 I was chairman of the board, as well co-founder and investor. I’m pleased now to have handed the chain over to new management, raising new investment to help improve quality further.


Cadmus Sodha Schools, Gujarat, India

This is a low-cost private schools I helped create in 2015, which has around 6,000 students and five schools. I am co-founder, director and investor.


Cadmus Academies, Honduras

A chain of currently four low-cost private schools in Honduras – not quite as low cost as those above, but still the cheapest bilingual school in Honduras. I am co-founder and a small equity holder and advisor.


Empathy Learning Systems Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad, India

An education services company dedicated to improving learning and teaching in low-cost private schools. I was founder, investor and advisor. (It offers services to other schools and also to MA Ideal Schools, for which I was an investor and advisor).


Dream Africa Schools, Uganda

I was consultant to GEMS to get this chain up and running, so I created it but have no further involvement with it.


Association of Formidable Educational Development (AFED), Nigeria

I am the international patron of this non-profit association of low-cost private schools, which has 5,000 school members in several Nigerian states, with nearly 1 million children.


National Independent Schools Alliance, India

I am Chief Mentor for this association of low-cost private schools, which has an extraordinary 55,400 schools with approximately 9.35 million children.